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Have you ever wondered why it’s necessary to have a home inspection? Are you wondering what sets our company apart from the others? Read on for some answers.

Inspection Objectives

Flexible scheduling
Maintenance inspection
Listing inspection
New construction inspections
Warranty inspection
Pre-sale inspections
Commercial inspections

Quality Home Inspections provides you with trained and experienced home and building inspection professionals. Our Wilmington home inspectors will spend a lot of time thoroughly evaluating all areas of the house that you are about to purchase, from the roof to the foundation and all aspects in between. We provide the most advanced inspection on the market.

Reasons Why You Need an Inspection

Home Inspection general infomationNever judge a book by its cover. This is true when it comes to purchasing or selling a home or commercial property.

If you’re selling your property, an inspection can bring any issues to your attention so you can repair them and market it more effectively. If you’re buying, an inspection can give you peace of mind that the property you’re looking to purchase is safe and in good condition.

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“Ted and Josh are a fantastic team! Each explained what they were doing & why, as well as the importance of and/or about their findings. This was all done professionally, with care and concisely. Ted also showed me certain aspects of the heating system & gas line for the fireplace. He explained the different filters, how & when to change each, the approximate cost & even a 3rd option! This was my 1st experience & I couldn’t ask for better service! I will be recommending to all in need, as well as using again! Thank you very much guys….A big thumbs-up to you both!” – Review of Quality Home Inspections By Beatrice Eggers

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Company Logo - Quality Home InspectionsWhen buying or thinking to buy a home in Wilmington, DE, Quality Home Inspections is your go-to company for you to make an informed decision about the property you are wanting to acquire. 

Our licensed home inspectors have been serving Delaware homebuyers, homeowners, and real estate agents over the years making Quality Home Inspections a trusted Wilmington DE Home Inspection company of choice. We thoroughly evaluate and give our clients an on-site oral report and a detailed report with information that would help you understand the current condition of the property and use it as you deem fit.

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