seller home inspectionThe Seller Home Inspection Is Also Known As A  Pre-Listing Inspection

Many sellers make the decision to have a seller inspection done on their home before they begin the selling process so they can make their home more marketable. Remember, no home is perfect but being prepared for the prospect who may decide to have an inspection done is key.

What does the home inspector look for and how can you be prepared for the home inspection? The inspector will be inspecting your seller’s home inspection, in the same way, he would be inspecting for the buyer, looking for safety, function, and structural issues, and providing a report of the findings.

Many repair items found on the seller home inspection can be fixed with little or no cost to you and many are probably regular maintenance items for the home. Fixing or repairing items found on the inspection before you get a ready, willing and able buyer helps you to have better negotiating leverage regarding the existing property conditions.

So what do YOU benefit from a Seller home inspection?

seller home inspection

• Provides you the opportunity to create a much cleaner inspection report, before the buyers arrive
• Allows you time for any repairs in order to more effectively market your home in the most positive light
• Helps you honestly share everything about your home, reducing your liability for disclosure

• Reduces the buyer’s negotiating leverage regarding the existing property conditions
• Reduces the likelihood that buyers will hire their own inspector
• Reduces costly surprises being found by a buyer’s inspector after you thought you had a firm offer
• Increases the likelihood that serious offers will turn into closings
Saves you money on repairs
• Buyers are instantly more comfortable, knowing that you have shared the homes true condition
• Increases the home buyer’s perceived value of the property
• Virtually eliminates emotionally and financially draining renegotiations

“Ted was such a blessing while doing my home inspection. He took his time going over every area of the outside of the home and the inside. And if you had questions, he explained it to you in such a kind way. He is extremely knowledgeable and again friendly. The best part was how detailed he was with the information about every part of the home. Ted’s number will be programmed in my phone so I can spread the word how great he is. I know you only can put 5 stars, but in my book he is worth way more then 5 stars. You will not be disappointed. And his personality that he has which is fantastic. Ted, blessings sent your way and I pray many more doors will continue to open up for you and give you much favor. This long review was so worth letting anyone and everyone know he knows his stuff. Thanks again Ted.” – Review of Quality Home Inspections By Roxanna Fenwick


The 3-Biggest Home Selling Mistakes The We See

  • Setting an Unrealistic Price – Just because you think your home is worth your price doesn’t mean the market will bear the same. Work with your agent to see the best value of your home. 
  • Limited Showing Schedule – The goal is to accommodate as many buyers as possible even if the timing is inconvenient. If it’s not easily available for showing, it may not be easy to sell. 
  • Ignoring Major Repairs – A long list of maintenance issues with even the easiest to fix can turn off potential buyers.

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