Water Quality Testing for Well Testing

well testing for good water

Why Should you test your well water? Testing your private well’s water quality on a regular basis is an important part of maintaining a safe and reliable source. The test results allow you to properly address any specific problems with your water supply. Good drinking water is healthy.

When homes have wells, the water should be tested by a qualified lab to ensure it’s safe to consume. They will be testing for things like nitrates, nitrites, bacteria, E-coli, Lead. More testing is required for FHA/VA Loans.

As your inspector, we will draw a sample from the source and expedite it to the lab. The testing time depends on which test is required for your loan. It can be 3-5 days for a standard test and 7-10 for an FHA/VA loan.

Test Your Well Water for quality, it’s for the health and safety of your family.