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well evaluation and water testing delaware quality home inspections During the real estate transaction, if the home has a well, you should have a water well evaluation. We’ll do a visual inspection of the equipment of the well and components and confirm their condition. We have been trained to conduct the inspection of your well and well equipment by a leading well and well equipment warranty company, WelGard.

An electrical test on the pump and switches will be done to confirm they’re working properly

Cycle time test to determine how quickly the well recovers as the water is used

Yield test to confirm the proper amount of water coming from the well

The reason for this well evaluation is equipment can fail, wells can run dry, and most Delaware inspectors do not do this type of inspection. We want to perform the best well evaluation for our clients so they don’t have issues after moving in. We know that well repairs can run $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the issues, and a pressure tank alone can be $3,000 or more. Drilling a new well can be more than $10,000! Ouch!

When we perform a Well Evaluation, we will also give you a 6-Month Warranty through WelGard, which covers all your components and drilling a new well if it runs dry. You will have the ability to purchase an additional 1-Year Warranty through the company extending the warranty of the components and drilling a new well, if necessary. 

Have Your Private Well Professionally Inspected and Covered Under WelGard’s 6-Month Warranty. You’ll Have Peace Of Mind With WelGard’s Warranty; you won’t have to worry about your well.

Note: When homes have wells, the well water quality should be tested by a qualified lab to ensure it’s safe to consume. They will test for nitrates, nitrites, bacteria, E-coli, and Lead. More testing is required for FHA/VA Loans.

As your Wilmington home inspector, we will draw a sample from the source and expedite it to the lab. The testing time depends on which test is required for your loan. It can be 3-5 days for a standard test and 7-10 for an FHA/VA loan.

Test Your Well Water for quality; it’s for the health and safety of your family.

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